How A Public Servant Works in the Society

imagesPublic servants are professionals who play important roles in the society. They are there to commit their lives in serving the public to the highest degrees of their integrity. They are not just committed to serve the people in the society, they also put their mind and heart to deliver the best to the administration as possible. In the governance of the society, they are committed to be fair and very transparent in providing and delivering services that are of high quality. There are committed to stewardship and loyalty to the people they are serving. They serve the government in almost everything they do such as protecting the funds of the government and the society.

Public Servants

Public servants like lawyers serve people in the best way they could and they are committed to improve ways in policy-making and the delivery of services to the state or society. A lawyer is one of the many people who offer public service. They are the ones who are there to protect you with your legal rights in the society. They serve you at its best because they know that their services are of great help not only to you as their clients but to the society as well. They become good role models in protecting the people in their needs. Although you pay them with the services they provide you, most of these lawyers put their hearts in their work.

Public Lawyers

images (1)There are several public lawyers who serve the people in the society. They are very specific with their duties and responsibilities for the people to know that they are capable of doing. One good example of a lawyer is an injury lawyer. Injury lawyers will protect your lives from getting hurt, damaged and injury. If you get issues of injury, do not hesitate to seek advice from these lawyers. They will always be there to guide and support you all the way.

The society indeed needs public servants like lawyers to help improve the lives of many people. When troubles arise in the society, they can help stop them and find ways to make the society worth living.

Misconception about Media People

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I have been a reporter ever since I got out of college. After studying Journalism at a top school here in Toronto, I immediately applied for field reporter jobs at different local news channels. I have always believed in the power of Media and I want to use that power to be able to help those who need their voices to be heard. Even though I only work for a local news TV, the experiences I have had since day one has given me opportunities to feel a wide range of emotions. Everyday is a different emotion and every task and assignment has made me a better person.

People who work for the media risk their lives in every assignment. Some people think that being in media gives us access to whatever we want, making it an easy job. They are very wrong. Media people are treated otherwise. People see us and they hide or shy away, thinking that we would exploit people’s privacy. They think when you are working in the media industry, especially in news media, you have no boundaries and you would do anything, even hurt people, just to get the information you need. These are very wrong assumptions because while we indeed do whatever it takes to find information, we see to it that we follow our code of ethics, and we are still under the same government and laws as everybody else.

I had to fight againsts this assumption just recently. While it has been concluded abruptly and I was hailed not guilty, the pain I had to go through to fight for my innocence was very unforgettable. To date, it was the most emotionally ruining and physically draining experience I have had.

What happened was, I was on assignment in a local area. There was not much going on and my boss kept rejecting my cover stories because they were nothing new. Then one day there was a commotion because a house has collapsed. People were speculating what could have happened. I realized it was the house I was in the day before, to interview the owner about the local farm scene as it was my prospect story. My journalist instinct immediately made me grab my notepad and asked my camera guy to record the events. The story I collected was a blast. After the commotion and recording of the news, I even went to the victim to sympathize.

But what happened next really hurt me. They actually accused me of having the house collapse on purpose just so I could have a good story. They said I was losing my options because nothing was really happening that was news worthy, so I created one.

Some people actually believed that theory for a while. I was really saddened by the fact that people seems to think that media men are evil people. I hope they come to realize that media men serve the people by providing them the information. Also, media is a tool for sharing the truth and advancing social welfare and justice, not to create disasters just to have juicy news and high ratings.


The Power of Media

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What is social justice? Is it merely an idea that is abstract and intangible? Or is it something true, absolute and attainable? The concept of social justice is a very controversial topic for several reasons. For one, it is a combination of two difficult concepts, society and justice. Now that it is combined, the difficulty of the concept is also combined.

Given the many faces of society, it is difficult to pin social justice in just one meaning. What might be social justice for a specific culture, could mean a whole lot different to another culture.

In this quest to establish a holistic ideology of social justice, media has played a very important role in making certain that people from all over the world are able to participate in this discussion. While there may be a lot of people that do not care for anything about the importance of establishing a unified and larger foundation of social justice, there are those who do care and are thirsty to be heard. In this scenario, media plays a very important role.

The media of today has been bestowed powers that even the different government bodies are not able to sway. They play a very important role in almost everything that is deemed public concern. They are very powerful that people in power and office always make it a point to be in the good side of media, so as to be able to use the power of the media for their interest.

An example of how powerful media has become is its ability to influence the entire world on the idea of health and beauty. Media has made it clear that nations are one in saying that a beautiful body is a healthy body with outstanding vital statistics.

This promotion of the media of beauty as a body that is slender, sexy and slim, has encouraged people to engage healthier lifestyles and in weight training, just so they can have the body that society has made public, to be the best and only acceptable body form there is.

However, people nowadays are also using media to counter this notion. Some are speaking up and making a stand that “big” sized people, especially women, should not be criticized for their bodies.

This just shows how much powerful the media has become. Thus, understanding the complexity of a concept like social justice and beauty can really be concluded and realized if media will give its stand on it and disseminate that stand throughout the world.

Despite the powers that the new media has on its hands, we should appreciate the fact that they still chose to deliver to the world the truth and the things that will help humankind progress. It will be very dangerous for our race when media starts to fall and starts to report false news and false ideologies.